Localizando Food

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When and Where:
Sunday, November 7, 2010 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
at Indianapolis Art Center

820 E. 67th St., Indianapolis, IN 46220

Localizando Food documentary poster
Picture Credit:
L. Ly, N. Martinez, B. Miller, D. Salinas

The Latino/a Youth Collective


Event Description:

The Latino/a Youth Collective and its partners invite audience members to screen Localizando Food and Fight of a Century, film projects created by local youth. Localizando Food and Fight of a Century are samples of the extraordinary collaborative work of youth living, working, and studying in the greater Indianapolis area. What they discovered while producing this documentary was the complexity of food systems, which reach far beyond the city limits and have tremendous influence over the way food is produced, processed, distributed, marketed, consumed, etc.

Created during the 2009 Campecine Youth Academy, Localizando Food will challenge audience members by bringing global food issues to the local level. The event will include a film screening, small group dialogues facilitated by youth and a larger group discussion led by youth filmmakers and local and healthy foods advocates. Our goal is to provide the audience with a time to reflect on our individual food choices, as well as how these influence the larger community. We have the opportunity to vote three times every day--with our forks!

Through critical community dialogue, audience members are challenged to deepen their own understandings of the complexities of food and the places where they acquire their day-to-day sustenance. Indianapolis is ripe with possibilities for audience members to become involved in community gardens; participate in blossoming farmer’s markets revival; support local, organic growers and plug in to projects promoting food equity in the greater metropolitan area. The varriomentary will introduce a handful of these beams of hope, but its makers also hope the audience will share their own knowledge, experiences and contacts with us and the other participants of Spirit & Place, sending out positive ripples outwards into the city. Let us begin to “vote with our forks” and encourage others to do the same.