We Are What We Eat

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 13, 2010 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
at Indiana State Fairgrounds

Normandy Barn, 1200 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205

Special Venue Instructions: Fairgrounds Gate #1 or #6 and follow signs.
More With Less
Picture Credit:
Jeni Umble

Justin Armstrong, Mark Brammer, Christina Ferroli, Marie Harnish, Lali Hess, Marla Kauffman, Steve Mayer, Jeni Hiett Umble


Event Description:

When a can of green beans is on sale for 89 cents one may wonder why anyone would take two months to grow beans and then spend an afternoon canning them! Mennonite nutritionist Doris Janzen Longacre explored the connection between faith and food in her groundbreaking "More With Less Cookbook," first published in 1976. Mennonites, she said, "are looking for ways to live more simply and joyfully, ways that grow out of our tradition but take their shape from living faith and the demands of our hungry world."

In a panel discussion, three members of First Mennonite Church will share how their faith influences their views on local food production and preservation. Although the initial input comes from the Christian/Mennonite tradition, participants will be encouraged to think mindfully about food and their own faith traditions. Sample questions to ponder include: What rituals involving food enrich your faith? How does gathering together around food enhance your faith? How might your faith affect your personal actions regarding food production? What can you learn from the food traditions of other faiths? If you have no specific faith tradition, what motivates you to care about food production and preservation? These and other questions will be provided for small group discussion following the presentation.

The audience will then be encouraged to explore a smorgasbord of interactive displays and demonstrations, including:

  1. Intro to Canning featuring veteran PEMC educator, Christina Ferroli.
  2. Drying and Freezing with FMC member Marie Harnish.
  3. Tours of the Indiana State Fairgrounds Commission Greenhouse with Education Specialist Mark Brammer.
  4. Sample a simple dish made with locally available foods provided by Lali Hess of The Juniper Spoon.
  5. Taste teen-friendly foods prepared by FMC youth.
  6. Question PEMC Horticulture Educator Steve Mayer and other Master Gardeners.
  7. View displays featuring local farmers’ markets, beekeeping, community gardening, and more!

Participants can pick up food samples, worksheets, and the comprehensive “Home Canning Made Simple” Workbooks published through PEMC. Mennonite resources such as the "More With Less Cookbook" and "Simply in Season" will be available for purchase. Additional resources will be available to encourse continued discussion in families and faith communities.