Bitter and Sweet

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 13, 2010 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
at Butler University, Center for Faith and Vocation

4600 Sunset Ave., Butler University, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Special Venue Instructions: Visitor Parking in Clowes Memorial Hall lot
Timothy Carter, Judith Cebula, Leah Gauthier, Gautam Rao

Free, tickets required, reserve at by November 7

Event Description:

“Bitter and Sweet" is an interfaith progressive dinner incorporating organic fruits and vegetables grown on the new Butler University Campus Farm and "Gathering", a garden at the Butler Center for Faith and Vocation. A community of interfaith partners will be asked to make a course in our meal (appetizer, soup, salad, entree and dessert) responding to our theme “Bitter and Sweet” through their religious and cultural lens. They will use some of the produce from our farm and serve participants their course. Each partner group, representative of Bultler's student groups and Indianapolis' diverse relgiiosu communiteis, will be given opportunity to share the story of their particular dish with all of the participants. 

Participants will be allowed to sample (tapas-style) these dishes at each station set up at Butler along a path between the Butler Campus Farm and Gathering: A Garden at the Center for Faith and Vocation  in the progressive meal. Conversation at the stations and on the journey from one station to the next will foster learning about the importance of food in sacred practices, and the place of food and religious diversity in our city. We would like to invite participants to the nearby Center for Interfaith Cooperation at the Interchurch Center, 42nd and Michigan Road for a reception/open house hosted by International Interfaith Initiative following the progressive meal.

Program Partner Information:

Butler University Center for Urban Ecology's mission is to innovatively explore, steward, and enhance urban ecosystems. The Center operates with a foundation in ecological science and facilitates interdisciplinary research and education, place-based projects, and public discourse by engaging Butler students, faculty, staff, and community partners.

Butler University Art Program is a division of the Jordan Collge of Fine Arts in which students study art history, painting, photoraphy, design theory and other dimensions of the visual arts.

Butler University Center for Faith and Vocation is dedicated to religious pluralism and provides a place where students discover lives of purpose, meaning, and contribution (vocation) by using tools of reflection and engaging in spiritual questions- no matter what their faith, doubts or philosophies may be.

The International Interfaith Initiative was formed in January of 2005 when Mayor Bart Peterson of Indianapolis organized a meeting between local civic organizations and philanthropist Herr Klaus Martin Finzel of Cologne, Germany. At that time Herr Finzel shared his dream about establishing the "World Interfaith Peace Center" in Indianapolis. As a result of Herr Finzel's ambition and the response of the Indianapolis community, the International Interfaith Initiative was created.