Balancing Food & Movement

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When and Where:
Tuesday, November 9, 2010 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
at St. Luke's United Methodist Church

100 W. 86th St., Indianapolis, IN 46260

Alix Litwack, Deb McClure-Smith, Miriam Resnick

Free, pre-register by November 7

Event Description:

Women, as a group, have historically been and continue to be nurturers – many times helping everyone but their own selves. We believe that even the caretakers need to take good care of their own bodies, minds, and souls. Good food and regular exercise go together as the foundation of excellent physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Deb McClure-Smith and Alix Litwack, both on staff at Good Earth, will talk about the steps women can take to become more mindful eaters. They will also demonstrate several easy, healthy recipes for audience members to sample. These recipes may introduce participants to new foods and a healthier way of making both snacks and meals. Deb and Alix will then talk about foods that are good for preparing and recovering from workout sessions. Miriam Resnick, founder of Mindful Movement Studio, will then lead participants in some basic chair or mat exercises that can be done at home or work. (Participants should wear clothes they can move in and bring an exercise mat if possible.) All three workshop leaders will take audience questions.

Sometimes with just a little bit of knowledge and motivation we see individuals shift the way they approach food, exercise and the quest for a healthy lifestyle. Mindfulness is the key to unlocking many of the dietary challenges women face and is an essential component of exercising with the positive results one wants. We believe this workshop will be a catalyst for participants to finally make the positive, healthy changes they have been craving but have been unable to start. Our hope is that we can help women aspire to getting their bodies and minds less stressed and in balance.

This workshop will help educate and inspire women to make smart choices about the food they eat and how those choices impact their ability to exercise well and feel their best. We live in a fairly unhealthy world with rampant obesity, increased rates of heart disease, cancer and diabetes and skyrocketing healthcare costs. It is imperative that we address the very basic issues of healthy foods and healthy bodies in a more preventative manner. Reaching out and helping women, who tend to be the gatekeepers for their family’s food purchases and certainly role models for their children, is why we think this workshop will have meaning to so many.

Both collaborating organizations were founded on the principles of healthy foods and healthy bodies leading us to a healthier community. Good Earth Natural Food Store and Mindful Movement Studio are independent, locally-owned businesses that demonstrate daily the value of eating locally and organically so that customers are supporting their nutritional needs in a mindful way. Food is for thought but most of all, food is for sustenance and health. In addition, food is about making positive connections to friends and family and lifting everyone’s spirit.