Uncovered: Food for Thought

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When and Where:
Friday, November 12, 2010 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
at Stutz Art Space/Stutz Artists Association

212 W. 10th St., B-110, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Special Venue Instructions: Free street parking is availabel on 11th Street, Capital or Senate Aves. Enter through Bearcat Alley (through center of Stutz Business Center)
Uncovered Logo
Picture Credit:
Kate Oberreich

Lydia Burris, Marilynn Derwenskus, Erin Kem, Nancy Lee, Stephanie Lewis Robertson, Kate Oberreich, Jerry Points, Rita Spalding, Ginny Taylor Rosner, Julia Zollman Wickes


Event Description:

"Uncovered: Food for Thought," is an exhibition and discussion focusing on the process of creation by artists and chefs through the use of the sketchbook and journal. In addition to the art and culinary exhibit, Stutz Art Space will host a panel discussion with artists and chefs, moderated by Kate Oberreich, followed by public Q&A. The discussion will focus on the creative process of artists/chefs and how the process applies to the other areas of life. While the creative process is different for each person, the use of sketchbooks and journals unites this group of presenters.

The exhibition will feature the sketchbooks, journals and artwork of local and regional artists. Chef journals/sketchbooks will also be on display and related signature dishes will be served at the discussion. Selected artists work in media from painting, fiber and metalsmithing to photography, and printmaking.

Participating visual artists include:
           Carol L. Myers
           Conan Lea
           David Kleeman
           Dina Verplank
           Emily Persic Schwank
           Ginny Taylor Rosner
           Jerry Points
           Julia Zollman Wickes
           Kate Oberreich
           Karen Masbaum
           Kathleen O'Neil Stevens
           Lydia Burris
           Marilynn Derwenskus
           Nancy Lee
           Rita Spalding
           Stephanie Robertson
           Wug Lakuand

Participating chefs include:
           Carol Ann Richardson Davis
           Erin Kem, of R Bistro
           Tom Robertson.

Additional programming for the evening will include the debut of an illustrated cookbook featuring favorite recipes from Stutz Artists Association members and Uncovered Indy, a group journaling project (by the Stutz Artists Association) six months in the making.