Irvington SkillShare "Feast"ival

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When and Where:
Sunday, November 7, 2010 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
at Irvington United Methodist Church

30 N. Audubon Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46219

Irvington Bounty
Picture Credit:
Quay Kester, Ph.D., evoke communications

Alan Archibald, Alan and Betsy Bernstein, Rosie Bishop, Pat Brown, Anna Chase, Darren Chittick, Mark Cox, Wendi Garringer, Kay Grimm, Matthew Groshek, Jane Hagenauer, April Hammerand, Beginning Home Beekeepers, Tyler and Laura Henderson, Joshua Henson, Laura Hildreth, Judy Hostetler, Quay Kester, Shawndra Miller, Greg Monzel, Amy Mullen, Pepper Partin, Linda Proffitt, Steven Shattuck, Terry Spotts


Event Description:

This event will explore sustainable food activities from the garden to the kitchen, drawing from the knowledge of everyday people, including attendees. This "feast"ival will guide participants through the rhythms of each season's food-related activities. From an array of demonstrations and hands-on activities, attendees will investigate the skills that are meaningful to them, whether that involves sprouting seeds on a windowsill, raising chickens in the backyard, or simply cooking a pot of beans. Participants will come away with new inspiration and skills to effect a change for the better—in their lives and in our common world. They may also gain a new awareness of the ways in which they are already engaging in sustainable food practices. As with a pitch-in dinner, there will be something for everyone.

Many people are beginning to consider how food affects our health, our natural environment, our society, and our pocketbook. The safety of our food supply is yet another concern. In tandem with these issues, today we are seeing the rise of a new homesteading spirit, or the quest for simple self-sufficiency. People who lead modern busy lives also want to stay connected to their food and to their environment. There is widespread interest in returning to basics and taking steps, whether large or small, toward increased self-sufficiency and sustainability. At the Skillshare "Feast"ival, committed do-it-yourselfers will show how they have addressed these concerns.