Urban Gardens: Building Community

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 13, 2010 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
at Felege Hiywot Center

1648 Sheldon St., Indianapolis, IN 46218

Aster Bekele, Joe Foster, Heather Meloy, Kristina Swatts, Julia Vaughn


Event Description:

This event will engage participants in the gardening process. Families will enjoy activities that promote environmental awareness, community engagement, and healthy eating. They will take away an appreciation for new bonding activities.

First, parents and their children will create healthy fun snacks out of vegetables grown in a local garden. Then children will take recycled materials to make and decorate a planter. After decorating the planter, they will be given soil and seeds to plant a start in their new planter. The children will then be able to then take the planter home for their own garden. While the children are decorating their containers, there will be a panel discussion with three leaders of local urban/community gardens. They will discuss how their gardens have impacted the communities, sometimes in surprising ways. Additionally, Julia Vaughn will discuss the importance of urban agriculture in creating a more sustainable environment and Heather Meloy will highlight some of the ways that individuals and communities have been empowered by their gardens. Participants will be provided with resources for starting or participating in their own urban garden and there will be tables set up for participants to look at pictures and discuss members of the gardens highlighted in the panel.