Food, the Psyche, and Wellness

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When and Where:
Thursday, November 11, 2010 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
at Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis

615 W. 43rd St., Indianapolis, IN 46208

Liza Hyatt, J. Gary Sparks, Lori Walton


Event Description:

Our audience will include the public interested in the problems of eating disorders, obesity, and the connection to psychological health. Some will be individuals who have struggled with these problems themselves, as well as family members. Health practitioners will also take interest. We will examine the mental aspect of consuming food in healthy and unhealthy ways. The topic is timely because of our cultural struggles with obesity and distorted body image. The program will raise awareness of these issues and spark interest in food related psychological wellness.

A Jungian view will be presented by J.Gary Sparks: "It is a time when the soul is dead the material reigns supreme. Unable to understand the needs of our soul and spirit, we increasingly seek satisfaction of our intangible needs through outer things and costly possessions: big house, big car, big ego." Jungian analyst J. Gary Sparks will discuss how food for the stomach has replaced food for the soul in the twenty-first century's fashion of cynicism. The state of culture and its relation to eating disorders, the hidden epidemic, will be the focus of Gary's presentation.

Liza Hyatt is an art therapist for Clarian's Charis Center. The center brings comprehensive psychological, medical and nutritional services to patients in a warm and caring environment. Drawing from 20 years experience as an art therapist for a variety of adult populations, Liza will explore how desire is essential to the creative life. She will explore cultural attitudes and messages about desire and how these limit and distort the healthy development of authentic desire within the psyche. She will provide examples of art images made by anorexic women and men and discuss ways in which these images express the wounds to the feminine and creative aspects of the psyche when desire is rejected.

Lori Walton, will discuss her personal history and medical experience as an RN currently working with obese teens. "Running the L.I.F.E. (Lifetime, Individual, Fitness and Eating) for Kids pediatric weight management program, being overweight as a child and raising two children has given me a wealth of insight into the significant role that emotional and spiritual well being plays in our eating habits."

Resource handouts for help with obesity and eating disorders will be available.