Just Like Grandma Made

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When and Where:
Sunday, November 7, 2010 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
at Marian University

Stokely Mansion, 3200 Cold Spring Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46222


Event Description:

It always starts with “my ________ was the best cook.” Food is the tie that binds together families, friends, and cultures. Our memories of those special times stay with us forever. Sharing those memories expands our appreciation of what it was like to grow up in different geographic areas, cultures, or faiths.

Just Like Grandma Made will bring the memories and history of generations and cultures together to sample the smells and tastes of their past and to share those memories with others.

The Elders At the Table Coalition is a coalition of senior centers, community centers, churches and other organizations that provide food to seniors. Dishes featured at Just Like Grandma Made will come directly from seniors at our facilities, taking care to represent a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds including African Americans, those of the Jewish faith, Hispanics, Caucasians from the Deep South, Central Indiana and other areas of the U.S.

Audio and visual elements will accompany the audience’s opportunity to taste the different dishes, as the audience is transported into the seniors' memories and family histories of times past.

Our educational goal for those attending the event is to raise the level of awareness of the problem of senior hunger in Central Indiana. Spending the time discussing the importance of food in our lives gives us an opportunity to talk about what happens when we do not have access to it.

Our call to action will include the importance of volunteers for organizations such as Meals on Wheels and for individual support of organizations providing food resources to seniors. Participants will be given information to share with family, friends, neighbor and their community organizations on what they can do as individuals and as groups. Information on where seniors can turn for food resources will also be a part of the packet.