Unclothed: Exposing the Art Nude

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When and Where:
Friday, November 11, 2011 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
at Stutz Art Space

212 W. 10th St., B-110, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Special Venue Instructions: Enter from 10th street via Bearcat Alley
Tim Ayers, Dan Cooper, Travis DiNicola, Shannon Linker, Joshua Schuler

OPTIONAL: Bring new children's athletic shoes (sizes 10-4) and help Spirit & Place support Samaritan's Feet.

Event Description:

What place does the art nude have in the public venue? Join us for an exhibition of regional artists’ representations of the human form and a panel discussion (7-8:30 pm) of views of nude art.

Panelists will include: Dan Cooper, IDADA Ethics and Fair Practice Committee; Shannon Linker, Arts Council of Indianapolis; Tim Ayers, Grace Community Church; Josh Schuler, NUVO Newsweekly; Travis DiNicola, WFYI's "Art of the Matter" radio program.

Following the discussion, the floor will be open to questions and conversation with the audience. Information about open figure drawing sessions presented through the Stutz Artists Association will be made available for those with further interest in the human figure through visual art.

Presented by Stutz Artists Association, KLF Legal, and NUVO Newsweekly. Questions? Call 317-503-6420 or email gallery@stutzartists.com.

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