Light, Living, Laughter, and Hope

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 8, 2014 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
at Christian Theological Seminary

Shelton Auditorium, 1000 W. 42nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46208

Carrie Newcomer
Carrie Newcomer, Sandy Sasso

$20/$15 students/retirees

Event Description:
Singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer and Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso weave stories and songs together to affirm the common thread of our shared experience and to illuminate the presence of the sacred throughout life’s journey.

Sassos's stories for children are poignant, powerful, and ask all the right questions. Newcomer's songs are thoughtful, poetic, good-naturedly humorous, and grounded in a traditions of honoring the presence of the sacred in our daily lives. This collaboration of life-affirming stories and songs will be an evening to remember.

Presented by Christian Theological Seminary; Butler University, Center for Faith and Vocation; Congregation Beth-El Zedeck; Indiana Writers Center; and Storytelling Arts of Indiana. 317-931-4224 or