The Nightmare of Addiction and the Dreams of Recovery

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When and Where:
Sunday, November 8, 2015 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
at Fairbanks

8102 Clearvista Parkway, Indianapolis, IN 46256

Special Venue Instructions: Recovery Center
Picture Credit:
Michael Alrichs

Michael Ahlrichs, Kathleen Gill, Kim Manlove, Gary Sparks


Event Description:

Powerful event exploring the connection between addiction and dreams.

Where is the connection with dreams and addiction? With both, there can be a quest of the spirit—a longing to know oneself better. The word “spirit” is often used to describe the non-physical aspects of who we are emotionally and personally. Ironically, alcohol is often referred to as “spirits.” Alcohol and drugs are used by some to feel more comfortable with who they are.

This event will explore the relationship between the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung, author of Memories, Dreams, Reflections (1963), and the 12 steps of recovery millions have successfully utilized to achieve and sustain a deeper spiritual experience that is essential, in Jung’s opinion, for healing. Alumni and Fairbanks volunteer coordinator Kathleen Gill, director of Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition Kim Manlove, and Jungian analyst Gary Sparks will discuss the power of dreams and how dream work can enhance the road to recovery. Discover how dissecting dream imagery can uncover powerful life lessons. Photography exhibition by Michael Ahlrichs also included.

Walk-ins welcome. RSVPs still requested.

Presented by Fairbanks and the Indiana Addictions Coalition.

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