A Gallery of Neighborhood Life: Mementos, Photos and Collectibles

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When and Where:
Sunday, November 8, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
at Heritage Place, Inc.

Common Ground Church Fellowship Hall, 4550 N Illinois Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208


Event Description:

Runner-Up for the Central Indiana Senior Fund's "Dreaming a New Age: Living into the Choices and Decisions of Aging" Award. Inter-generational discussion and displays of personal mementos tell the stories of dreams achieved or lost in a community.

What are your neighborhood, congregational, or family stories? Neighbors and others are invited to bring their mementos, photos, and other collectibles to this intergenerational story-sharing event. Interact with new and old friends to swap memories of the past and dreams for the future of the neighborhood. Attendees are encouraged to be an integral part of this event by bringing their artwork, photos, writings—anything that can be used to jog memories and elicit stories—to share neighborhood stories and dreams.

Walk-ins will be welcomed by greeters who will direct them to the interactive exhibits. Please come prepared to share your past, present and future dreams.

RSVPs requested.

Presented by Heritage Place, Inc. and Common Ground Christian Church. Special thanks to Writing Futures at Marian University.

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