Home is Where Your Heart is

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 12, 2016 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
at 37-Place

2506 E. 25th St., Indianapolis, IN 46218

Aster Bekele, Eric Salazar


Event Description:

Inspired place-making event focused on story-sharing, exhibits, music, and more featuring Martindale Brightwood youth, elders, and Ethiopian community.  

Celebrate and learn about Martindale Brightwood and its stories through a poster exhibit and artifact display created by community youth featuring neighborhood elders. There will be discussions with longtime residents and some of Martindale Brightwood’s newest neighbors—Ethiopian immigrants. Ethiopian storytelling, music, dance, and coffee are all a part of the day! 

Martindale Brightwood youth have been interviewing the elders of their community. They’ve heard firsthand the precious memories the elders have of their Martindale Brightwood home, especially how it used to be. The elders love sharing stories of their old neighbors, carefree days of playing outside, home cooked meals, and peaceful afternoons with family and friends. They also share painful feelings about changes to the area and the fear they have for grandchildren and other children in Martindale Brightwood. 

But resiliency is at the core of this community and the youth and elders—as well as immigrant newcomers—see much to be celebrated. Come and join us!

Walk-ins welcome. RSVPs requested. 

Presented by Felege Hiywot Center, 37-Place, Edna Martin Christian Center, Community Health Network East, Random Act of Music, and Coalition of Second Generation Ethiopians.

IndyGo: 5 & 21