AWESOMENESS NOMINEE: Riverside Speaks! Past, Present, and Future

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 5, 2016 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
at Ebenezer Baptist Church

1901 N. Harding St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Kenyetta Dance Co. , Matthew's Voices, Timothy Schmalz


Event Description:

Riverside Speaks! celebrates a community with a “pop-up museum,” historic re-enactments, performances by Kenyetta Dance Co., and a church and home tour. 

Step back in time to 1960 when Ebenezer Baptist Church was founded to explore the history of this congregation and its neighborhood. A pop-up museum featuring docents in 1960s dress, visual artifacts, and stories by long-time residents will help you feel the richness of the Riverside area and the accomplishments of its people. In addition, the church’s sanctuary will host an ongoing (repetitive & abbreviated) contemporary African American worship experience including dance, song, and spoken word featuring actual congregants and members of the Kenyetta Dance Company. 

Either before or after visiting the church, you also have the opportunity to see a nearby renovated Riverside home, the first of many planned by Insight Development. On this self-tour of the home, you’ll get information about Rock n Riverside, a housing revitalization strategy that will acquire 50 currently boarded properties, renovate them, and make them available to sale to moderate-income buyers over the next 3 to 5 years. 

Come-and-go style event. Walk-ins welcome. RSVPs requested.

*A private residence, the Rock n Riverside home is not ADA compliant.

Presented by Ebenezer Baptist Church, Indiana Historical Society, Riverside Residents, and Insight Development Corp.

IndyGo: 5, 6, 10, 25, & 37

Awesomeness Nomination: Rooted in Place
The congregants of Ebenezer Baptist and residents of the Riverside neighborhood are bursting with pride and want to share their story. The Selection Committee was deeply impressed with how Riverside Speaks! aims to honor the community’s past while looking towards the future and demonstrating the hard work being done by a community to invest in itself.