AWESOMENESS NOMINEE: I Am Home: Muslim Hoosiers

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 5, 2016 10:00 AM to Friday, November 11, 2016 5:00 PM
at Indiana Interchurch Center, Interchurch Gallery

1100 W. 42nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46208

I am Home


Event Description:

Venue Update: Due to a scheduling change, "I Am Home" will not be available for viewing on November 12 at the University of Indianapolis. Please view the exhibit from Nov. 5-11 at the Interchurch Center.

Photo and audio gallery experience of Muslim Hoosiers sharing what makes Indiana their home.  

Recent polls find 55% of Americans have a negative view of Islam and that more than 60% of Americans have never met a Muslim, at least they don't think they have. The reality is Muslims are our neighbors, co-workers, coaches, and civil servants. People may not even realize they have met a Muslim because many Muslims do not fit the stereotypical appearance. Muslims come in all shapes, sizes, colors and garb. It's time to redefine "Muslim."

This exhibition, and its accompanying text and audio stories describing what “home” means to those in the photographs, hopes to shatter preconceived notions of what a “Muslim” is, looks, and sounds like. There will be portraits of and stories from people whose families have lived in Indiana for generations, as well as immigrants, refugees, and converts of all ages and careers. We will show that we are all unified as Hoosiers.

Walk-ins welcome. Please remember to fill out an evaluation after leaving the exhibition! 

To engage in additional conversation about this exhibit, click here and here.

Presented by Muslim Alliance of Indiana and the Center for Interfaith Cooperation.

IndyGo: 34 & 26, respectively

Awesomeness Nomination: Inclusive & Open-Minded
I Am Home: Muslim Hoosiers challenges viewers to expand their vision of who Hoosiers are by recognizing our shared humanity. For these reasons, the Festival Selection Committee nominated this event as the most inclusive and open-minded.