A Faith Leader & a Scientist Walk into a Bar: Using Improv to Talk about Science and Faith

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When and Where:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
at Books & Brews South Indy

3808 S. Shelby St., Indianapolis, IN 46227

Special Venue Instructions: Free parking available
Faith Leader & Scientist
Krista Hoffmann-Longtin, Jason Organ, Kathi Ridley-Merriweather, Mel Wininger


Event Description:

Awesomeness Award Nominee!

Let’s talk science and religion over coffee or a beer! Using theatrical improvisation techniques, you’ll be given the chance to take on the persona of a scientist, faith leader, or “everyday person” and then practice empathy-rooted communication strategies. 

Applied improvisational theater (AIT) games are to communication what drills are to a basketball player or scales to a musician. They teach the habits of mind needed to listen closely, turn attention outward, and seek opportunities to co-create meaning in conversation. Participants will learn the principles of AIT (like “yes and” or accepting the reality of your conversational partner) and apply those to conversations about faith and science. By accepting a partner’s reality, one can establish common ground and find a place of empathy. 

All backgrounds, faiths, traditions, and practices welcome! Bring your authentic self to this dynamic, fun, and inclusive event.

Dedicated free parking lot to the south of the building.

Walk-ins welcome. RSVPs encouraged by Nov. 4. 

Presented by IUPUI/IU School of Medicine Communicating Science Program; The daVinci Pursuit; Center for Interfaith Cooperation; March for Science Indiana; and IU Consortium for the Study of Religion, Ethics, and Society.