Interfaith Understanding Through the Art of Storytelling

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When and Where:
Thursday, November 12, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
at Virtual Event

George Kelley, Joanne Terrell


Event Description:

Presented by Franklin College, Center for Interfaith Cooperation, Franklin Creative Council, and Johnson County Public Library.

Every human being is born into “nests” of stories, treasuries of wisdom passed down through family and culture. From ancestors listening to stories around a campfire to watching dramas online, humans are and always have been drawn to stories. This event celebrates the pivotal role religious stories play in helping human answer the fundamental question of “Where did I come from?”

You are invited to hear sacred stories told through Jewish, Buddhist, and Christian perspectives before sharing the stories that have shaped you. Featured storytellers include Congregation Beth-El Zedeck Education Director, George Kelley and ordained Christian elder and Sempai (senior student) in the Vajrayana and Zen Buddhist traditions, Joanne Terrell.

Watch a recording of the event here.

Event Info: (317) 738-8140 or 

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