What Was and Will Be: Life in the Time of COVID-19

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When and Where:
Sunday, November 8, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
at Virtual Event

Special Venue Instructions: This is a video-on-demand offering
What Was & Will Be


Event Description:

Presented by JCC Indianapolis, Dance Kaleidoscope, Indiana Writers Center, Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council, Indianapolis Public Library, Christel House Academy, Christel House Academy South, and Indianapolis Power and Light. 

As individuals and a society, we are forging a new COVID-19 reality. Dance Kaleidoscope dancers will showcase the experiences of Hoosiers, transforming their written reflections about COVID-19 into a pre-recorded dance performance. These writings and others were selected by the Indiana Writers Center to appear in an online anthology, What Was and What Will Be: Life in the Time of Covid-19. Viewers will be invited to add their stories to the anthology after the DK performance.

This is a virtual event that will be offered by video-on-demand through November 22 and can be watched here.

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Shut In
by Nyeshia Dentis
choreographer Aaron Steinberg

Ode to My Student Who is Starving
by Jodie English
choreographer Marie Kuhns

Intwisted Perspective
by Jaquelin Escobedo
choreographers Aleksa Lukasiewicz and Emily Dyson

Ballad for the Silent Stage
by Rachel Hedges
choreographer Missy Thompson

Bleeding Heart
by Leah Lederman
choreographer Natalie Clevenger

Waiting for the Fever
by Jeremy Richard
choreographer Paige Robinson

In the End
by Christina Williams Saulter
choreographer Manuel Valdes

by Mary Sexon
choreographer Sarah Taylor

Continued on Page 12
by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman
choreographer Aleksa Lukasiewicz

...But Some of Us are Looking at the Stars
by Ania Spyra
choreographer Stuart Coleman

Event info: (317) 251-9467 or lrothenberg@jccindy.org.