Carrie Newcomer

Carrie  Newcomer

Describing Carrie Newcomer as a singer-songwriter is a little like saying Noah was a boat-builder. So much is left unsaid when we rely on easy labels. One of the definitive voices of the Heartland, the Indiana native sings of the small joys and pains in life, emphasizing the little moments that are often taken for granted. Overall, she is not afraid to take on serious subjects, and does so with a healthy measure of good humor and self-awareness. For her, "songwriting is not about being clever, flashy or fancy, it is about telling a compelling story in language and music with elegance and clarity."

Newcomer's music has been praised in Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Acoustic Guitar, Performing Songwriter, Paste Magazine and several other publications. She has worked with many notable artists throughout her career. She toured with Alison Krauss and Union Station in Europe and the U.S. and recorded the title track of her 2002 The Gathering of Spirits album with Krauss. Krauss went on to introduce Nickel Creek to Newcomer's song, “I Should've Known Better,” which the band recorded on their Grammy-winning, gold-selling album, This Side (produced by Krauss).

In 2007, Newcomer recorded a live concert DVD with folk legends Holly Near and Bernice Johnson Reagon, was commissioned to write the YMCA national theme song, composed music for the Indiana Repertory Theater's production of Bad Dates, and collaborated with author Scott Russell Sanders and fellow songwriters Krista Detor, Tim Grimm, Tom Roznowski, and Michael White in the album and theatrical production entitled Wilderness Plots.

Newcomer's new release, The Geography of Light, is about navigating and exploring the appearance of light and shadow in our lives. In a world that encourages us to move faster and think bigger, Newcomer invites the listener to slow down and reflect on the small things that make life worthwhile. As Rolling Stone wrote, "Newcomer asks all the right questions and refuses to settle for easy answers." Newcomer, a Quaker, says "I have a real fascination with the mystery, with the questions that have no answers." She has facilitated writing and spirituality workshops at colleges, universities, retreat houses, and festivals throughout the country. Her work cuts across secular and spiritual boundaries, and she is one of a relatively few well-known singer/songwriters working within the progressive spiritual continuum. The Geography of Light was in part influenced by Newcomer's friendships and recent collaborations with leading authors and theologians, including Parker Palmer, Phillip Gulley, Jim Wallis, Scott Russell Sanders, and Barbara Kingsolver.