Linda L Proffitt

Linda L. Proffitt, MSW is the executive director of Global Peace Initiatives. She was named the Peace Pilgrim of Eagle Creek Park by the Peace Learning Center as a result of her passion for peace—our intimate connection to nature and the divine.  Her personal mission is to encourage the development of a global peace initiative that emanates from the heartland of America. An Indiana native, Linda has hiked all over the state, interacting with new people in unknown locations. Linda’s walk in life has also taken her around the world. She recently moved home again to Indiana after spending four years working and living in Bangkok, Thailand. Linda served as a consultant to several multi-lateral organizations, including UNESCO and SEAMEO. She was also a trainer for the United States Peace Corps and a lecturer at several universities, including Thammasat University and the International Buddhist Studies Program of Maha Chulalongkorn Rajavidyalia. While a resident of Thailand she hiked through many nations in Southeast Asia, but by her own opinion, “there’s no place like home.”