Liz Flaten Efroymson Brooks

Liz Flaten Efroymson Brooks, B.S. , M.M. began playing cello and piano in first grade while attending St. Charles Catholic School in Bloomington, Indiana. What choice did she have? Every one of her 7 siblings played a string instrument plus piano and they all played in the school orchestra. Just for fun, they all picked up the guitar too and soon the Flaten household resounded with the sounds of a family orchestra, poplular folk songs and spontaneous harmonies. She was fortunate the choice of music was made for her by her parents, who passed on their love of music to their children.

Liz quit private cello lessons in her sophomore year of high school, but always came back to it even when she was an English major at Indiana University and busy being a hippy.  She eventually wound up getting her masters in cello performance when she was in her thirties (Butler University). She got her masters in the middle of having two children - who also wound up playing cello.

Songwriting and singing were her main interests in high school and she sang and played guitar in a girl group with her two sisters and a friend. This group was called the MEGS (first letter of each of their names) and they wound up singing in local telethons, county fair events and anywhere people would listen. This group also sang Liz’s early compositions. This was the first of several groups with which she would perform with various names like  Happy Feet, Meridian, and Hot Flash. For a tall, sometimes shy and awkward middle child, she sure seems to like performing a lot.

Over the years, Liz has continued composing, last year cataloguing her songs at over 200. In her late twenties and thirties she wrote folk and country music and went to Nashville, Tennessee numerous times to knock on doors. She was actively involved in the local Songwriter’s Association for many years. Then she turned to writing music for musicals in collaboration with several different partners. Four of these musicals were produced locally.  While working at the Jewish Community Center as a preschool teacher, she has written two children’s albums and various songs.

Another musical focus has been teaching cello; she is certified in all ten of the Suzuki Cello books and has been the director and  instructor for the Indianapolis Academy of Music for many years. She also currently helps out teaching cello students at Park Tudor, Broad Ripple High School and the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.

You might have also seen her playing at weddings and receptions around town with her ensemble, The Village Trio/Quartet. She has been playing Pachelbel Canon and other favorites for over 25 years. In fact she self-published a book about her experiences called “The Wedding Gig”. It wasn’t a best seller! She should stick to music because it is what she loves more than anything.