Phoenix Cole

Phoenix  Cole Phoenix Cole is an Educational Assistant at Elder W Diggs School 42, of the Indianapolis Public School System. She provides Reading and Writing services to fourth and fifth grade elementary students. She consults regularly with the classroom teachers and administration to help monitor student’s academic progress. Prior to her current position, she led the teaching staff and administration as the School Improvement Strategy Chairperson. Raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Phoenix lives with her dog, Sasha Marie and cares for her parents. In October 2009, Phoenix traveled to El Salvador and participated in a Sports Poetry Clinic, teaching poetry to school-aged children in the city of Quezaltepeque. She was one of five poets featured in the television segment that focused on the trip and the poetic art experience. Phoenix published her first book of poetry in June 2007, titled Rhythm of Love. One of her poems is currently featured at the National Art Museum of Sport “Sporting Words Exhibit” in Indianapolis and her poetry has been printed in the Tipton Poetry Journal. Phoenix is pursuing her Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at National University in LaJolla, California.