Cynthia Prime

Cynthia J. Prime, a Caribbean born social activist, traveled throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean for over a decade, inspiring and motivating battered women and teen girls to get beyond suffering and survival to a fully empowered life. She organized conferences and conducted seminars and that is how she received an invitation to speak in Swaziland, a small kingdom in Southern Africa with the distinction of having the highest HIV/AIDS infection rate in the world. Moved by the plight of the thousands of orphans and vulnerable children and the helplessness of elderly grannies and AIDS widows, she joined forces with Linda Schultz, a successful businesswoman in the health care industry, to begin organizing volunteer clinics to Swaziland. As they traveled to other parts of Southern Africa, they saw that women comprised the largest percentage of AIDS victims and teen girls, as well as young women of child bearing age, were hardest hit. Seeing children going days without food, vulnerable to abuse and using sex as the currency for survival, she and Linda established the Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach registered nonprofit organization to address the needs of these children and destitute women in sub-Saharan Africa. Since its conception, SOHO has conducted mobile clinics which have benefited thousands of women and children who lack adequate access to health care in rural areas of Swaziland. Train-the-Trainer programs in crisis and suicide intervention and stigmatization have been conducted in response to high suicide levels among children and youth. Two multi-purpose centers called Welcome Places have been developed to educate, feed and nurture orphans and vulnerable children and a 67 acre farm is under development to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to supplement inadequate diets. Cynthia Prime holds a bachelors degree in English from City University, New York, and a graduate degree in Mass Communications from Butler University. She has authored two books, published numerous articles, and has been a featured guest on several television programs. Her chief ministry supporter is her husband Phillip, a retired Chemist from Eli Lilly. The Primes have two formerly high risk sons and one grown daughter.