Laura Hildreth

Irvington Green Initiative co-founder Laura Hildreth has enjoyed gardening since the late 1980s, but was introduced to food gardening in the early 1990s when her mother, a People's Health Center dietitian, helped to begin the People's Community Garden at 10th and Keystone.  In 1993, Laura explored permaculture principals during a nine-day intensive experience, and from then on she was hooked.  She soon moved into a small home on a giant full sun lot and proceeded to try to grow anything she could, including a small orchard.  She eventually discovered to her surprise that it was possible to grow enough food to feed herself all year.


She also had a deep desire to bring community gardening to her own community of Irvington. With help from the Irvington Garden Club, grant monies from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, and the work of many volunteers, the dream was realized when a cluster of raised beds were built in her back yard to serve as community garden space. Her life has since taken her away from "the little house on the prairie,” but she still tends her garden there, the community garden is still thriving, and she is still humbled by how much there is to learn.