Pepper Partin

Pepper Partin, a writer, editor, activist, and locavore, dreams of owning a bucolic, self-sustaining farm with myriad of farm animals and a spider named Charlotte. For now, though, she is getting her feet wet on her urban farm in Irvington, where she and her partner have turned their lawn-adorned property into a flourishing, productive homestead. In addition to organic, heirloom vegetable gardening, Pepper extends the growing season by using cold frames and landscapes with edible plants and native ornamentals. She also saves seed; preserves food; keeps chickens; composts anything that rots, including her dogs’ and cats’ waste; recycles; uses rain barrels to capture water; repurposes clothing and other cloth; makes her own household cleaners, mouthwash, and moisturizers; and uses natural resources responsibly. Pepper enjoys epicurean adventures in and out of the kitchen, and she reads recipes for fun.