Shawndra Miller

Growing up, writer Shawndra Miller absorbed the frugality and resource-conscious ethic of her Mennonite forebears, and she was often conscripted for gardening and food preserving projects by her cost-cutting parents. She now considers herself part of the Radical Homemaker movement, which values family, community, justice, and the health of the planet as guiding principles. In addition to freelancing jobs, her work encompasses the unpaid but creative tasks of homemaking, and her days are never dull. A committed locavore, she taught herself to preserve vegetables through the natural process of fermentation, and her sauerkraut is a staple on the dinner table. She is a novice bread baker, brave or crazy enough to buy bulk quantities of locally grown wheat berries that she then grinds into flour for the freshest tasting bread. Her solar cooker is her prized summertime meal preparation tool, and she uses it whenever the skies are clear, all season long. As co-founder of the Irvington Green Initiative, she communicates weekly with over 350 of her neighbors about the community’s sustainability efforts.