Wendi Garringer

Wendi Garringer, a business analyst by day, an urban farmer by nights and weekends, is driven by a passion for working toward self-sustainability. This goal led her and her partner to convert a fallow piece of property in Irvington into an urban farm replete with chickens, rain barrels, compost bins, cold frames, a vegetable garden, edible landscaping, bee-loving, mostly native ornamental landscaping, and numerous rescued dogs. Since Wendi spent nearly three fun-filled years working as a student-employee of the Purdue dairy farm, she is anxious to add a cow to her farm repertoire, although she is aware that she will have to leave the urban landscape behind in order to do so. Along with having a milking cow, her long-range self-sustainability goals include living entirely off the grid; converting a diesel-running vehicle to a used-vegetable-oil-running vehicle; beekeeping; mastering cheese-making; growing and “putting up” most of her food; and building a cob structure.