Joe and Patricia Harding/Waters
Group: Beginning Home Beekeepers

Joe Harding and Patricia Waters have been homeowners in the Irvington neighborhood since 1992. Joe has worked as an industrial electrician in Shelbyville for the past 17 years while also pursuing the renovation and restoration of a 100+ year old home and 1/2 acre lot in Irvington, summertime tomato growing, music appreciation, camping and paddling, and raising twin daughters along with his wife Patricia Waters.  Patricia continued a 12 year career as a Speech and Language Pathologist after settling in the area, thereafter devoting several years to a movement education practice, home gardening and landscaping, and public school community endeavors.

Joe and Patricia first attended the Indiana Beekeepers' Association "Bee School" together in the late winter of 2008 as a prelude to Joe setting up the first backyard hive in May of that year.  He acquired a second hive after winning a nucleus colony of hybrid bees at the Indiana State Beekeepers' annual meeting that same spring, and the challenge was on! The bee hives have provided a benefit to their home gardening as well as neighborhood fauna in general. About 4.5 gallons of delicious honey as well as a small amount of beeswax were harvested in the summer of 2009.

Joe and Patricia have continued to attend the bee association workshops and meetings.  After losing both colonies of bees early this winter, they are ready to start with a new colony in April.  With Joe beekeeping and Patricia assisting, they hope to keep these bees happy and healthy, and would like to connect with more Irvington beekeeping neighbors in hopes of forming a mutual system for resource and support of each others' efforts.