Terry Border

Terry  Border

Terry Border was born in South Carolina in 1965, but grew up for the most part in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Terry graduated from Ball State University with a major in Fine Art Photography, and worked several years in commercial photography. While he had a lot of great experiences and saw a good bit of the world while in that field, Terry discovered the fun of wire sculpture in 1999, and hasn't looked back. He soon was building larger pieces, and getting commissions for mobiles, some of them quite large, with which he has always had an interest.

Terry regularly takes part in group and solo art shows mainly in the Indianapolis area, and he has work is in private and public collections across the country.

Artist Statement

Humor is always a part of my work. I see a lot of funny things in the world around me, and that's where most of my inspiration comes from. My work is not about cold precise machine shop work (I rarely take any measurements when I'm making a piece.) Although I always have an idea where I'm going with a piece, I always leave plenty of latitude to explore and play. My materials and their fasteners, etc, always have a say in the direction of the final design.

My hero is obviously Alexander Calder. Looking at his work just makes me feel good inside! As I mature as an artist, I try to be less of an imitator and try to set myself apart from him, although I see his influences in much of my work. Some of my other influences are Miro, Picasso, and the Pop Art movement, to name but a few.