Alan Archibald

Alan Archibald currently directs activities in two community gardens, John H. Boner Center’s “Dewey’s Garden” and People’s Health Clinic’s “People’s Peace Garden.”  By day, he works as a community-based therapist for Gallahue Behavioral Care.  He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a Masters Degree in marriage & family ministries from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He has also served in hospital, residential and outpatient mental health settings.

Mr. Archibald has been involved in faith-based work with youth and families in Indianapolis, serving as Director of Adult & Children’s Ministries at North United Methodist Church.  He has led programming in social justice and arts initiatives, serving as market master for the 38th & Meridian Street Farmers’ Market and spearheading the formation of The Growing Community and the Youth Empowerment for Food Security Initiative, a collaborative project with the Mid North Food Pantry.  He serves on the board of the Mid North Church Council as vice president.

Alan has served on the program selection committee for Spirit & Place and has produced several festival programs, including “The Pulpit Meets the Underground,” “Who Is My Neighbor? and Other Provocative Questions,” “Longing to Belong:  Issues of Cross-Racial Adoption,” “The Art & Spirit of K.P. Singh,” and “Race, Class & Public Education in Indianapolis” among others.

Alan Archibald was raised on a ranch in Montana, but has also lived in the Los Angeles area before moving to Indianapolis 20 years ago.  He is married to Becky Archibald, local composer and pianist.  They have two teenage children, Taylor & Delaney.