Rosie Bishop

A retired classroom teacher with a deep admiration for Rachel Carson, Rosie Bishop has energetic passion for green endeavors. Having spent a career showing children what she calls the “WOW’s of Nature,” Rosie is now a "free lance environmental educator," sharing with anyone who will pay attention. At her own Earth Day booth and at health fairs, green festivals, school classes and in her grass-free suburban Homecroft yarden she shares beneficial insects, compost, and earthworms. She has recently added low-tech games, especially the game of JACKS to that list. Rosie finds that sharing native plants and seeds builds friendships and allows additional opportunity to teach. Black Swallowtail butterflies are her specialty. She is past-president and VP of INDIANA ORGANIC GARDENERS ASSOCIATION since 1994. Homemade rain barrels range from pickle barrels to screened trash cans to 5 gallon tubs, the first installed in 1995. Rosie has spearheaded many environmental projects at her church. She believes that care for the Earth and concern for those who come after us are the most likely forces that will sustain the environmental movement.