Ken Gall
Group: Indy Contra

Ken  Gall

My home base is downtown Indianapolis with my lovely wife Carole, where we are close to our three adult children and seven grandkids, and an hour west of my almamater, Earlham College.

As a dance gypsy for 20 years I have danced in about 25 states. I have been calling for about 4 years.  I bring my passion and energy for the dance to my calling. I get lots of compliments on the dances I call and the programs I put together.

I was the caller for regularly scheduled community dances throughout the Midwest over 50 times in 2009 and 2010. So far 2011 is even busier, with over 20 evenings scheduled through June, including several return dates and several dates in new cities with strong dance traditions. I’ve called to large groups of mostly experienced dancers and other groups with 100 or more inexperienced dancers on the floor. I’ve  lead workshops at dance weekends, including beginning and intermediate waltz, Cajun and Zydeco, and an advanced contra workshop I call Unusual Twists and Turns.

I've done several stints in schools and churches, teaching dancing to young people from preschool to high school, including at the International High School and Herron High School, a nationally ranked charter school in Indianapolis.  I have also done several sessions with the Discovery Clubs at two different Indianapolis Public Schools.

Photo credit: Jamie Shepard