Group: Crowe's Eye Photography

Crowe's Eye Photography is the work of John Crowe and Joslyn Virgin Crowe, a husband and wife team photographing weddings, portraits and dance performances of Dance Kaleidoscope (DK).

Having a camera and a lens is an invitation to explore. The eye is used to see moments unfold, pursuing the possibilities of light and designing the composition. In the end, the photograph reflects the decisive moments and choices made by the photographer. Noticing details, the essence of a particular place and forming a literary response is part of the natural sight we develop as photographers. Artistically, we embrace reality and indulge in the light reflecting from it, holding still what will never be again, storing memories, expressions, feelings, people and places for tomorrow.

Educated as fine art photographers, both John and Joslyn began their careers as students of photography, later assisting and continuing to learn the path of a working photographer in independent jobs and self-employment. They have worked with DK for six years and have grown to have a great respect and admiration, as well as emotional interest in the dance company and the many layers of individuals who make the company's success not just possible, but beautiful. Through this work, they have documented a visual testimony to the passion of choreography, dance, lighting, demand, costuming and dedication.