Group: Harmony Partner Yoga

Harmony Partner Yoga with Michael Fischer and Dr. Eve Earley: Students will work with a partner using gentle touch, massage, and light pulling to assist the partner further into a pose. One person’s stretch can be the partner’s exertion. One moment later, the roles reverse as the poses move in a cycle. This is a great opportunity to fine-tune your awareness of your body while attending to the same in your partner. This class blends easy yoga with Thai massage. It is always a treat! Eve has been a student of Viniyoga and Gary Kraftsow since 1989. She has also studied Iyengar with Lorrie Collins, Vinyasa with Nancy Schalk (Narayani), Kundalini with Karla Becker (Sat Bachan Kaur), and Bikram. She received her Hatha Yoga Teacher certification from All People Yoga in 2007. She has taught Viniyoga to her chiropractic patients since 1993. She has taught classes at Cityoga Midtown (Yoga for a Better Back) and Peace Through Yoga (at the Peace Learning Center in Eagle Creek Park). She is currently a substitute teacher at LA Fitness Glendale. Dr. Eve Earley has been a chiropractor for over 21 years, and is also a certified craniosacral therapist. She has practiced Transcendental Meditation since 1986. Eva loves to dance and does authentic movement and Sufi dancing. Eva can be reached for chiropractic care and craniosacral therapy at 317-257-7282 and Mike Fischer has taught yoga since 1995. He received certification as a teacher at the Sivananda School in 2001. He graduated with a BA in Math and Computer Science from Northwestern University 1981, and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in Indiana 2010. Because of his own personal discovery of motion therapies, (including the Feldenkrais method and T’ai Chi), he likes to teach to beginners. Mike believes there is an optimal mix of breath, rhythm, speed, and poses that the student finds by exploration, and builds to fine state of fitness. He specializes on a restorative practice to recover lost mobility and function. He can teach “the harder stuff” when the student is ready. "I want to make the benefits of yoga commonplace in the Midwest with Workplace WellnessTM, offering movement classes and massage therapy at the same locations where people earn a living." Eve and Mike offer chiropractic, yoga, and massage in their home office in Broad Ripple on just north of the park: 6344 Kingsley Drive Indianapolis, IN 46220 Mike currently offers private yoga lessons and massage therapy at his studio in Broad Ripple. He teaches a weekly yoga class at LA Fitness on Keystone and 62nd St. Reach him at 317-430-4468, and Partner Yoga Testimonials: “The partner yoga took yoga to a new level. I felt that my partner and I had a solid understanding of each other's limits without even needing to communicate verbally. My favorite was the triangular pull on each other.” “My favorite was the back massage using feet. I thought it a little weird at first. As soon as we started, the weirdness went away.” “Wow! I felt comfortable with my partner, so it made the experience relaxing. I think it is vital to have partner yoga later in the course. That way we are able to develop relationships with our peers. . . . It was apparent that Eva and Michael's partner yoga mirrored their admiration for one another. You push your partner to new heights, but care enough about them to release when needed. When doing partner yoga with my MOM and BOYFRIEND I could feel OUR RELATIONSHIPS BEING INTERPRETED THROUGH THE MOVES. It was a very different and enlightening experience. Partner yoga is a non-verbal, unconventional way to show your admiration and appreciation for someone else.”