Dr. Michael Koontz N.M.D.

Dr. Michael  Koontz N.M.D. Dr. Michael Koontz NMD Dr. Koontz earned his Naturopathic Medical Degree in 1999 from AUIM in Phoenix, Arizona. He has also held degrees in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, post graduate degrees in Physical Therapy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Clinical Nutrition; with training in yoga (yoking with the universe) and Tai-Chi. Naturopathic medicine integrates and finds the combination to balance, body, mind and spirit. Dr. Koontz can then choose the best approach for each individual’s unique physical needs. Dr. Koontz is currently with the Mapleton Wellness Center helping people relieve pain through specific nutrition and integrative methods. Dr. Koontz's 30+ years of practice contextualizes when we have the freedom to Move>We Enjoy Freedom from Pain. Furthermore, without movement we stagnate into premature aging with numerous age related diseases. His philosophy is: learn to laugh and play into your golden years, take control of knowing how to control the rate of aging (youthing) and enjoy a higher level of wellness.