Meta Chaya Hirschl

Meta Chaya Hirschl Meta Chaya Hirschl Meta Chaya Hirschl, originator of the YogaNow Teacher Training Apprentice Program, has studied yoga for decades and been teaching for ten years. Before opening her yoga studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she received a bachelor of science degree in Food Science, took a job as a brewing supervisor, then earned a master of business administration degree in Information Systems and worked as a computer systems consultant, technical software writer, and university lecturer. Meta took her first yoga class in 1978. Years later, after working in business, teaching in academia, and writing software books, she was drawn back to yoga following the development of a serious illness. Her passion for yoga led her to eventually open a studio and later establish the YogaNow Teacher Training Apprentice Program, a nationally accredited curriculum incorporating a variety of traditions and styles. In her spare time, Meta reads voraciously, studies Sanskrit, teaches yoga, and conducts yoga workshops and retreats. The mother of two grown daughters, she resides in New Mexico, where she cultivates her garden and her dream to disseminate world peace through yoga. Meta’s interests include yoga of course, her chickens, Janice, Gigi, Dreamsicle, Taffy; hiking (esp the Grand Canyon), running (slowly), tennis, biking (when not too cold, she’s a self-titled weather wimp), reading, local theatre, and her yoga students who she loves and honors. We are all students and to share the path with like-minded ones is the nectar.