Marion Causey

Marion  Causey

Marion Causey is best known for his work creating meditative sounds utilizing up to 30 Tibetan Bowls, Native American flutes, and gongs. It is with the intention of sharing compassion and a true love for his fellow beings that he strives to use “Sacred Sound” to connect with all who care to listen!

From Kundalini Yoga, Marion came to love kirtan (sacred call and response chanting) and the gong. After studying with Mehtab Benton and continuing his practice, he was given the spiritual name Pavan Singh meaning, breath of God, to encourage his work in spreading the message of love and compassion. For Gong Meditations, using a pair of 34 and 36 inch gongs,  He plays intuitively to immerse a group in deep meditation; working with their unique energy.  After the gong experience has ended, he brings the group gently back into the present awareness with the soothing sounds of Native American flute.

Raised as a Catholic, Marion is, above all, a believer in diversity and an advocate for finding that which is beneficial in all paths.  After many years of studying and having begun a formal practice of Chan Buddhism, while on a retreat with Venerable Chi Chern he took "refuge" and was given the dharma name, Jing Ye meaning, pure karma.