Rosemarie Gore Bigbee

Rosemarie Gore Bigbee is the physical fitness trainer and nurse of the Mapleton Wellness Center.

Rosemarie Gore Bigbee began her fitness journey at the age of 11 years old. She was given a photo that revealed a total view of her 245-1b  body (at only 11years old). Rosemarie began a new way of life of physical fitness and improving her way of eating (diet) losing 90 lbs in 9 months (without any supervision or knowledge from anyone). She realized the importance of good health for herself and others so she began on an active journey to get instruction in many disciplines from yoga, aerobics, pilates, muscle fitness, zumba and weight lifting. She has even participated in a weightlifting competion and won her first trophy; placing 1st in push pull of the NASA Power Championship competition.

Rosemarie has lived an extremely active life. During her life as a youth she studied art at John Herron Art Institute on full scholarship, she played the cello in the All City Orchestra for many years, also as a teenager she made a great impact in the world of opera at the "famed" Interlochen Arts Academy (college preparatory high school) in Michigan, and at 17 years old, she attended University of Michigan where she received a full scholarship and studied vocal performance with Dame Eva likova Baca.

Ms. Gore Bigbee's talent has taken her around the world yet locally she has sung with the Indianapolis Opera company since its beginning. She was the first featured vocal soloist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in the Conner Prairie Series. Rosemarie has also performed as the vocal soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra, and she has been a guest artist with the Indianapolis Brass Choir.

Rosemarie Gore Bigbee has always shared her knowledge of music with young people. She has taught performing arts (vocal and dance) for many programs with schools such as: The Madame Walker's Youth in Arts Program, Witherspoon School of Performing Arts and Innovation Dance School. She has also continued for over 30 years to teach voice in the Indianapolis Public School's Performing Arts Program. Rosemarie hosted a Children's television show on PBSas "Rainbow Rosie"; this was an educational program that expanded the minds of children ...teaching them about music, art, science, health, etc.

Ms. Gore Bigbee has received a Bachelor degree in vocal performance, a Master's degree in Opera, a degree in dance from Indiana University, a Medical Technology degree from Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis, a Master degree in[ Business from University of Phoenix and an Associates Degree in Nursing. Rosemarie has received many degrees but she is determined to live her life helping people (the young and 11 dults) reach many of their desired goals in life, especially in the arts and in health.

It is a pleasure for Ms. Gore Bigbee to work as the physical fitness trainer and nurse for the Mapleton Wellness Center under the directron of Dr. Debra Carter Miller. Rosemarie is the manager of the fitness center. Her duties are to help create and coordinate the activities of the center while helping the clients achieve good fitness, well rounded nutrition, and overall excellent health. Rosemarie has extensive experience as a physical trainer; she currently instructs for LA Fitness, Gold's Gym, the Riviera Club, Dragonfly Mix Martial Arts Academy, and the National Institute for Fitness. She also has certifications that include the ACE,AAAI, AFAA, Zumba Fitness, and the TRX. It is her desire to use all of the credentials she has earned in fitness training mixed with her knowledge of nursing to instruct and encourage others to be physically fit and live in good health.