Benjamin Blevins

Benjamin is a writer, editor, voracious reader, and passionate (over-)thinker. Born, schooled, and now growing up in Indianapolis, he has had the opportunity to both observe and participate in this quintessentially Midwestern city's aesthetic maturation. An omnivorously curious student of the arts (and the communities that facilitate their growth), Ben is a tireless acquirer of new knowledge, follower of (potentially) revolutionary ideas, and intrepid purveyor of paradigm-altering notions…and he is slowly learning how to apply this information to reality.

Fashion, as an artistic endeavor and cultural marker, has always fascinated him. Ben has immersed himself (albeit from a distance) in the world of international fashion, examining its significance as both a personal and universal construct. Now, as a part of Indy Fashion Collective’s Pattern, he is involved in a burgeoning community that seeks to provide a fashion-minded counterpart to Indianapolis' well-established creative class.