Lesley Meier

Lesley Meier (play character is "Amanda") is the mother of two beautiful, amazing and extremely intelligent children who had flawless births that were like spa days; if a spa is where you go for 24 hours of hard manual labor. Without food or water.  Strapped to a backboard. She is also Manager of the Garfield Park Arts Center and an actress. She has taught theatre and creative drama for over 10 years and worked with Civic Theatre‚Äôs Junior Civic program, the Shelby County Players, Mud Creek Barn Barn Rats!, Park Tudor School and many others. Her background is in theatre performance and education with degrees from Hanover College and Indiana University. Her most recent role was Eve Ensler in The Good Body.  She serves on the board for the Irvington Guild of Artists, EclecticPond Theatre Company and the advisory board for Ivy Tech's Fine Arts Department. She spends the rest of her time meeting new people, being eternally optimistic and waiting for the next adventure.