Group: The Steele Project Singers

The Steele Project began in Italy, the very cradle of opera, in 2007. Three friends shared the stage, performing Betly, a comedic story of romance, as part of a summer program. But the journey would not conclude at summer's end. The show, the friends quickly decided, was too charming just to leave behind. It had the kind of humor and charm that was accessible to all audiences, not just opera lovers. When the trio returned home, it was decided to bring the show along to share with friends and family. And so, the Steele Project was born. The Steele Project aims to expose people to the art of opera with engaging, high-quality shows while giving young, promising performers the chance to share the love they have for their art and to hone their craft in a professional atmosphere. In its first year, it did just that. With the help of up-and-coming artists from across Central Indiana, the Steele Project's founders produced Betly in three cities: Kokomo, Alexandria, and Indianapolis. Initially, the three friends thought the project would end with the staging of Betly. To everyone’s surprise and delight, however, the shows were a hit! Opera had made a splash in towns whose primary industries were automobile manufacturing and farming! Inspired to continue, the Steele Project developed a recital series and some cleverly rewritten fairy tale operas. Since that first production, the artists have been bringing opera before audiences that previously had little or no exposure to the art form. And the Project is just getting started. From Evansville to Rensselaer, they're winning them over at every stop.