Andrew D Scanlan-Holmes
Group: Coordinator for Messy Church US

Andrew D Scanlan-Holmes Andrew Scanlan-Holmes is an ordained Methodist Minister from the UK now resident in Indianapolis. Having set up and helped to established a number of very succesful Messy Church congregations in the UK, Andrew is the Regional Coordinator for Messy Church US. His role is supportting those churches who have established Messy Churches and assisting churches who are considering Messy Church as part of their mission to achieve their goals and objective. Prior to working in the US Andrew was minister of three Methodist Churches in the North East of England. He was also the originator and designer of the ARK project being established in Crawcrook. The ARK is a 'play church,' a fresh expression of church designed and operated around a large biblicly themed indoor play frame where families can go to spend time together and where the public can share in the cafe space in the building. Andrew is currently part of a Clergy Peer group in Indianapolis studying, 'Play as a Spritual Practice,'and is aiming to complete his doctoral studies next year.