James Mulholland

James  Mulholland

James Mulholland is a nationally recognized author and speaker. He has written three bestselling books – Praying Like Jesus, If Grace Is True, and If God Is Love. The “grace” books were co-authored with his friend, Philip Gulley. In these books, Mulholland and Gulley proclaimed a more gracious Christian theology, one that welcomed and included all people.

James served as a pastor for over twenty years, serving both United Methodist and Quaker churches. During those years, he was involved in various social justice efforts including peacemaking, non violent communication, workforce development, and prisoner reintegration.

In recent years, James has been moving away from Christianity. He now identifies as a non-religious person. His newest book, Leaving My Religion, will be released in 2014. He is presently employed as a community organizer for the Southeast Indianapolis neighborhoods. He is married and the father of six.