Will Shortz

Will Shortz has been the puzzle master for NPR's “Weekend Edition Sunday” since the program's start in 1987, crossword editor of The New York Times since 1993, editor of Games magazine for 15 years, and the founder and director of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, which has been held annually since1978. He also founded the World Puzzle Championship in 1992, and he co-founded the World Puzzle Federation in 1999.

Will sold his first puzzle professionally when he was just 14 years old to Venture, a denominational youth magazine. At age 16, he became a regular contributor to Dell puzzle publications. To date Will is the author or editor of more than 500 puzzle books! Upon starting at the Times, Will made modest modifications to the crosswords. Constructor bylines were added to the daily puzzles; previously the contributors had labored anonymously. He had the puzzles become increasingly harder each day of the week to provide something for every skill level. And finally, the cultural references were broadened to include movies, television, and rock music.