Heidi Fledderjohn

Heidi   Fledderjohn Heidi Fledderjohn MA, BC-DMT is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist with 20 years of experience supporting peoples’ desire to learn deeply, grow, and feel good. She skillfully weaves experiences that incite wonder, courage, compassion, and connection. Heidi’s committed creativity has been sought after by such luminary establishments as Outward Bound Professional with Harvard Business School, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Aetna Health NYC in the immediate aftermath of 911, the Christian Theological Seminary, Riley Children’s Hospital, the San Diego School system and in Kaiser Permanante's ground breaking bariatrics work. Heidi is TEDX presenter and artist. Using play, movement and meditation Heidi generates a solid, soulful, and vibrant method for approaching life, change and the self.