Carol White

As a child of two educators born in the South, visual artist Carol White spent most of her childhood traveling, moving from city to city and learning about people from all parts of the world. Her father's library was filled with books about the humanities, philosophy, religion and included thousands of other titles related to the human experience. No matter where they moved in the United States, the books went with them and remained a part of the family experience.

During her early childhood, she grew up in a variety of communities including; Chicago, Illinois, St. Peter, Minnesota, Lansing, Michigan and Nashville, Tennessee. In 1971, Carol's family moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where she later graduated from Shortridge High School. Carol has been employed in a number of art-focused jobs throughout her career. She has served as an Artist-in-residence throughout the state of Indiana, worked in the area of education in several museums and taught art to people of all ages.

Ms. White's parents encouraged all of their children to set high goals, take risks, and focus on the future. Her father, a Methodist minister and professor, was a trailblazer - graduating from the University of Chicago during the 1950's. Her mother, an English teacher and later a high school guidance counselor also achieved success as a pianist as a young woman Ms. White’s grandmother graduated from college in Birmingham, Alabama and taught in the segregated south. Ms. White is especially thankful for her parents' role in making the arts a priority in their lives.

Her interest in art and education has remained at the center of her life. After teaching in the Indianapolis Public Schools for eight years, she joined the staff at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). She managed an art studio program at the IMA for 17 years and continues to work on creating new arts opportunities for people of all ages a priority in her life. Ms White has maintained a busy schedule of exhibitions of her work in galleries and art competitions regionally and nationally. Throughout her career, in addition to giving lectures about her artwork, she has served as spokesperson for organizations and provided lectures and presentations about the importance of the arts in public and private schools.

Her interest in global themes and perspectives is reflected in her recent work. Her Travel to France, Africa and Cuba continues to inspire her and propel her life and artwork in new directions.