Tony Styxx

Tony  Styxx Spoken Word poet, Hip Hop emcee, human beatbox and host . . . you can expect all of this and more from Indianapolis native Tony Styxx. A graduate of Broad Ripple High School, Styxx (born Ronald A. Craig Jr.) has found himself growing fond of the stage all of his life. From his participation in various short plays to the TEDx platform, every open mic and each classroom presentation of his early works, 26-year-old Tony says, “Being in front of people doing what you love and knowing that they’ll love it, too, just because you enjoy it that much? There’s no other feeling like it.” Styxx (pronounced sticks) says his influences range from Elton John to Jay Z. Jazz, country and early 90s to early 2000s are credited as well for giving life to his work. If you asked Styxx why he does what he does, he says, “We could all use a smile, and music makes everybody (and I mean everybody) smile. With the way the world is spinning, who couldn’t use a reason to flash a bicuspid or two?”