Patrick Jennings

Weaver Popcorn, Company, Inc:

Field Production Manager

  • Oversee 19,000 acres of popcorn production in Indiana
  • Work with 40+ growers in 28 counties in Northwest Indiana
  • Work as a liaison between Weaver’s Quality Department and our growers to verify proper planting, chemical application, and harvest techniques.
  • Evaluate our grower’s soil fertility, drainage, and irrigation programs to properly pair a specific seed hybrid with the proper fields/locations.
  • Monitor fields on a weekly basis to identify problems from insects, weeds, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, compaction, or weather conditions that may affect plant productivity.
  • Coordinate meetings and seminars for our growers to ensure proper growing, handling, and storage of the corn.
  • Assisted in developing more effective webprograms, used by growers, in tracking crop progress, chemical usage, crop rotations, and harvest data.