David Landis

David Landis is a kinetic sculptor who is also a 24-year veteran of the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD). After attending Taylor University as an art major, Landis’ life went in a totally different direction when he became a member of the IFD. Art was put on the back burner and the full-time duties of a husband, father, and firefighter took precedence. After years of working as a part-time artist, Landis adjusted priorities while continuing his work as a firefighter and became a fulltime kinetic sculptor in an effort to more fully live the life he believes he is here to live and create what he is here to create. He has said that for far too long it was easier to walk into a burning building that it was to live fully the call to be an artist. Landis is currently working on several large pieces and working to see his kinetic sculptures in public spaces, both indoors and out. Public art, especially in places where people gather, worship, or wait has the privilege of being a part of people’s daily lives. It is an opportunity for an artist to invite conversation, to inspire, or simply to create space in an otherwise busy day.